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Adopting a Shelter Dog: Spreading the Love

Adopting a Shelter Dog: Spreading the Love


We may be a little biased, but we believe adopting a shelter dog is one of the most selfless things a loving, soon to be pup parent can do.  There are so many amazing pups who are in shelters all throughout the country who need a loving home.  In fact, according to the ASPCA, over 3.3 million pups enter a shelter each and every year.  There are several ways that we all can work together to reduce the shelter population, such as ensuring pups are spayed and neutered.  But, an immediate way to address the problem is of course adopting a pup from the shelter!  Read on to learn what to consider when you are thinking of providing a forever home for a lucky shelter pup!


Just like people, no two shelter pups are alike.  Even if pups in the shelter are related or of the same breed, their personalities can vary greatly based on what they have experienced in their lives.  It’s important to spend time with a pup you are considering adopting before you bring them into your home.

The good news is most shelters do a fantastic job of working with and screening the pups they rescue. A local shelter the Space Coast, H.A.L.O. No Kill Rescue, is a perfect example.  Like many other shelters, they take the time to educate potential pup parents on the best conditions for the pup they’d like to adopt based on their own unique personalty.  Some pups are great with other pets and children, others may not be.  By taking the time to learn about a pup, you’re reducing the risk of having to return them to the shelter.

Adopting a Shelter Dog


It’s a common misconception that because a pup is in a shelter, they did something wrong or are a “bad dog”.  This could not be further from the truth.  So many pups end up in shelters due to situations that occur that are completely unrelated to their behavior.  

Shelter pups are actually often much more even tempered and great family dogs because they have been exposed to other animals and humans during their life.  While it is true that some pups are given up for adoption because they may have an illness or do not interact well with another pet in the home, that vast majority are simply loving pups without a forever home.

Adopting a Shelter Dog


When you decide to adopt a shelter pup, remember it’s very important to take things slow.  Many shelter pups have been through a lot, and may be hesitant to open up to your and be trusting.  Many experts agree that it takes almost a full three months before a pup realizes they have found their forever home, and their personality begins to shine.  Again, just like people, pups adjust at different speeds based on their comfort level.  Make sure to establish routines and boundaries to help them get used to their new home.

Adopting a Shelter Dog


When you adopt a shelter pup, you’re truly giving them another chance at life.  Unfortunately due to budget constraints and various other reasons, many shelters are still euthanizing pups everyday.  Potential pup parents sometimes don’t realize that all shelters are not “no kill” facilities like H.A.L.O., and pass on older pups or other higher risk dogs.  Many of these pups quite literally may be out of time, and an adoption may be the difference between life and death.

You’ll be your shelter pup’s hero, and they will show the undying love and loyalty each and every day you’re together.  

Adopting a Shelter Dog


Adopting a shelter dog is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  To provide a loving forever home, you simply need a soft spot for pups, a little time an patience for them to adjust, and a whole lot of time for years and years of wet nose kisses from an incredibly grateful and loving pup.

Want to join the conversation and share your shelter pup’s pics or story?  Join our Facebook community here, we’d love to hear from you!!

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