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SwiftPaws Professional

SwiftPaws Pro Alpha

SwiftPaws Pro Alpha Kit: $2,750

SwiftPaws got its start by building the most durable, safety focused professional lure coursing equipment for dog sports.  The SwiftPaws Pro Alpha is designed for commercial use by zoos, clubs, competitive events, and large-scale events/operations.


SwiftPaws Pro Alpha

Performance Stats & Features

Courses of 1,000ft + • Speeds of 60+mph • Variable Speed • Wired Controller • 8 Corner Pulleys Plus Everything Else You Need to Get Started • Plugs into 120V AC Power

Rest assured knowing that ALL SwiftPaws products are designed to be high-quality, durable, and provide you with many years of fun!

Please contact us with questions or to order the Pro Alpha.  Check out our SwiftPaws Pro FAQ for more information.

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