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DIY Dog House Repair | Keep Your Pup Sheltered

DIY Dog House Repair | Keep Your Pup Sheltered


Our pups may have comfy beds inside the house, but when was the last time you took a moment to see what condition their outdoor house is in? July is National Dog House Repair Month which means it’s the perfect time to try out your DIY dog house repair skills!  It is also important to remember that in recent years, many states and municipalities have adopted their own code that an outside dog house must meet.  It’s important to do your research to ensure you are meeting the minimum standards in your area, and determine if there are any special considerations you should keep in mind.


There are three basic points you should make sure to address when you are inspecting  and repairing your pup’s outside home.  They are:

  • Ensuring the home is large enough for your pup
  • Verifying the structure provides shelter from the elements
  • Checking items that provide comfort for your pup

If all three points (at a minimum) are addressed, your pup will have a much more enjoyable time when they are in their outdoor home!

DIY Dog House Repair


The first point to verify before you begin your DIY dog house repairs is the size of the structure itself. Your pup should be able to stand up, turn around, and even stretch their legs while they are inside their house.  If they cannot complete these actions comfortably, the house is likely too small.  Depending on how your pup’s house is constructed, you may be able to extend or raise the structure to accommodate  your growing pup.  Otherwise, it’s time for a bigger home! 

DIY Dog House repair


At its core, your pup’s outdoor home away from home is there to help protect them from the elements.  It’s not just wet weather you have to worry about though, warm and cold weather should be considered as well.  Regardless of where you live in the country, if your pup spends a significant amount of time outside in this home, it’s imperative the structure has insulation.  Having proper insulation will help regulate the temperature so your pup is always comfortable.  

One of the main components you must verify is in good shape is the roof.  The roof helps keep the elements out, and of course in wet weather this is very important for your pup.  If your pup’s home does have an issue with the roof, it’s easy to repair  with basic material such as plywood and roofing shingles.  If you are working on the roof and live in a hot climate like Florida, you may want to consider adding ventilation as well.  Just make sure it can be closed as needed.

Placement of your pup’s home can make a big difference.  Pick a shady area for warmer climates, and opt for direct sunlight when it’s colder outside.


Because your pup’s house is outside, the items that are there to provide comfort like a blanket, bed, or pillow will need to be cleaned much more often when compared to items your pup uses inside your home.  By ensuring these items stay fresh and clean, your pup will have a much more comfortable experience every time they use their house.

During very cold or excessively rainy months, it might actually be best not to use blankets or beds.  In cold months these items can freeze which may be detrimental to your pup’s health.  In very wet months these items can retain water and even develop mold underneath, again not ideal for any pup’s health.  Rounded wood chips, straw, or other natural, breathable materials may be a good alternative as long as you change them on a regular basis.


If your pup spends any amount of time outside in a dog house, it’s incredibly important to make sure the structure itself is safe and clean.  With just a little effort and some basic DIY skills, you can make sure your pup stays happy, healthy, and comfortable in their outdoor home all the time! 

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