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Pawzle: Peach

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This pawzle is an excellent addition to increase number of possible combinations on your base, increase the difficulty of other pawzles, and extend playtime. Each pawzle occupies one spot on the base and requires pushing the lid to reveal hidden treats underneath. It is the first pawzle that can interact with other pawzles on the base! Hint: When you slide it open, it will cover and 'lock' other pawzles, preventing them from opening. Due to its slightly higher height compared to other pawzles, it can easily slide over them. This feature adds an extra level of difficulty to the entire setup, providing a longer and more engaging play experience! The slider can be pushed using a dog's nose, tongue, or paw. This pawzle does NOT include a base.

Pre-Orders will ship Early June 2024


SwiftPaws is a pet enrichment brand dedicated to ensuring pets everywhere live the happiest & healthiest life possible. Having personally used Pawzler ourselves, we felt it was the perfect addition to our lure course kit products! Now you can save on shipping costs and get a faster delivery time with SwiftPaws importing Pawzler to the US!


Pawzler Puzzles offer a unique modular approach that allows you to continuously re-invent the toy. Just rearrange the pawzles or merge bases to keep the fun going.


Each pawzle is designed to mentally engage your dog’s mind and natural instincts through different treat-hiding mechanisms. Just 10 minutes of mental workout can benefit your dog’s well-being as much as 20 minutes of physical activity. This also makes it perfect for rainy days, senior dogs and dogs with injuries.

Pawzles Makes Pups Happy

Pawzles are the perfect enrichment toy for any pup, or any age or skill level. In addition to mental stimulation, Pawzles can help improve disruptive behaviors in pups. These are just some of the benefits & uses of Pawzler for your pup:

Reduce Anxious & Destructive Behavior

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Pawzles will keep your dog entertained, as they use their natural hunting skills to find hidden treats. This mental workout can help reduce destructive and anxious behavior as well as boost confidence and help your dog with stressful situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.

Keep Your Pup Busy & Entertained

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Pawzles will keep your dog busy as they focus their energy and attention on a task of their own while you navigate your daily work challenges. Dogs love to put their doggy thinking cap on, and pawzles are a great way to allow them to problem solve through engaging their natural instincts, so that both of you can have a productive day.

Builder A Stronger Bond With Your Pup

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Play, explore and problem solve together. Pawzles are a great way to connect and strengthen a positive relationship with your dog by helping them learn and progress on their pawzling journey.

Use Pawzles As a Slow Feeder

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Feeding meals through pawzles can slow the “hasty eaters” and help prevent digestive health problems from eating too fast. On the other hand, it can help motivate “picky eaters” through satisfying their natural desire to hunt and work for their food.

Keep the fun fresh with add-ons

Individual Pawzles can be purchased to add on to and modify your existing puzzle. This way your pup stay engaged and challenged without the need to buy a new puzzle.

How Does Pawzler Work?


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